After purchasing a new house, we found out the our customers wanted help to design the interior too. Finding a good design that not only matches their style but also matches the house was a problem we knew we had to solve.



Since the houses were designed by us, we wanted to create custom fit pieces that will match with the interior dimensions. We then rendered those pieces directly in our immersive experience so customers can see exactly what it looks like inside their house.



By seeing exactly how the piece looks like if placed inside your home, our customers have the peace of mind when making interior lifestyle decisions. We then connected the rendered pieces to an online shop created a fully streamlined customer purchasing experience.


What strategies did we apply?

We worked with artisans from Morocco to make custom rugs for the entrances, artisans from around Japan to feature their artwork on our store, and even have one-off pieces that can make any home into a unique art experience. The Jibunstore concept extends past just giving our customers a house but to provide a solution to help them personalize the inside of their new home.