We accelerate transformative customer experiences.

Using design and technology to create beautiful experiences that transform the world around us.


Our capabilities

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Immersive Design

All of our strategies are based on design and immersing the viewers into the world we imagine.


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Product Marketing

We align your message with your audience to drive use throughout the product ecosystem.


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Customer Experience

We uncover opportunities for innovation across digital and physical touchpoints.


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We solve for the future with progressive technology strategy, design, and engineering.



What is “jbn”?

 Jibun or 「自分」in Japanese means “my own”. We created a full customer experience flow from an AI helping you choose a house and location based on your interest and budget, seeing the house on the empty lot using AR then purchasing it on your mobile phone, and taking a virtual tour with fully designed interiors with pieces you can buy directly from our own interior collection custom fitted to the dimensions.

We have revolutionized the house-purchasing experience in Japan in less than 3 years with over 100 franchisees working with us. We look forward to taking that proof of concept and work with you going forward!

-jbn studios team