Purchasing a house is a stressful process for any customer; from choosing a design, to working with an architect, and finally to get it actually built.



We are in the mobile-era so why not deliver an unbeatable house-buying experience all on mobile? Our design and dev team created an immersive buying experience that includes design, rendering, and mobile-first UX.



With all immersive processes in place, we built a housing business in Japan with over 100 franchisees in less than 2 years selling our houses all over Japan!


What strategies did we apply?

To accomplish this goal, our design team first created the houses to match with different lifestyles and family sizes. Then the rendering team took these designs and created an immersive experience that can be viewed on any mobile devices. Lastly, the business development team and marketing team took over and took our idea and applied it to the Japanese market with over 100 franchisees in less than two years.